Termux is a terminal emulator for Android. It also allows the device to practice Linux operations small-scale. All the operations are in Command Line Interface (CLI) as in general Linux OS. But the system will still be supported by your Android device.

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Unlike other terminal emulators, Termux does not require rooting. It functions directly and the base system is automatically installed. However, you can get the extra packages by the APT package manager.

Termux Features

  • Customization including themes and other shortcuts
  • Package Manager for installation and updates
  • No rooting is required
  • Provides a Linux environment to work with fundamental tools
  • Available for offline usage
  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Supports many programming languages like Python, Perl, etc. and allows to develop applications
  • Does not require any unnecessary permissions from your device. The app is safe to use.
  • Use API and comply with the hardware features of Android and Google.
  • Can run scripts while the device is booting up.
  • Includes widgets and GUI.

How to Install Termux?

  1. Open your browser and termuxapk.com download page
  2. Scroll down to find the “Download” button and tap on it to start downloading the APK.
  3. Go to your “Downloads” folder and tap on the APK file you just downloaded. This will start the installation process.
  4. Once the installation is completed, tap on the Termux icon on your Home screen to open it.
  5. You will have to go through several bootstrap packages before you get the welcome screen.
  6. Type the command termux-setup-storage to give storage permission to the app.
  7. Click “Allow” in the dialog box.
  8. Now you are free to use Termux and explore what it has to offer you.

Safety and Legality of Termux

Termux is completely safe for your device provided that you use it wisely. Always make sure that you know to run the accurate scripts, so that no viruses or Trojans can attack your device.

The app is legal, as it is allowed to be used worldwide. The users are even able to use it to learn hacking processes.

Pros and Cons of Termux

Pros Cons
Completely free to download and use. Can be attacked by malware if misused.
Allows you to experience the Linux environment as your Android device. The users must have knowledge in programming.
No rooting is necessary.

Termux FAQs

Q: Are there any system requirements for Termux?

A: The minimum device requirement is Android 7.0 version and 500MB storage.

Q: For what can Termux be used?

A: Termux can be used for programming, scripting, developing applications, synchronizing, device automation, file transfer, etc.

Q: Can Termux run commands automatically?

A: No. The commands should be run manually. Besides, this secures your device from unexpected harm.


Termux is a terminal emulator which is completely free to work with for your Android device. The programmers and even beginners will find it very useful for their work and practice.


Given the easy interface and the customization benefits, users find it more interesting to work with than the other similar apps. Therefore, if you are a programmer, this easy and friendly Termux is highly recommendable to use.