Do you want to run an Android terminal emulator on your mobile? Then Termux is the solution available to use. You don't need to bother about rooting since it works straight on your mobile device. Additionally, Termux offers a simple base system that downloads and installs itself on your device. Through the APT package manager, you may also acquire several other packages to increase its capabilities. Continue to read and we will be sharing additional information on what Termux is all about. Based on the details we share; you can get your hands on Termux and start using it.  

termux download

What is Termux 

Termux provides a Linux environment along with An Android terminal emulator. On practically all Android smartphones, you can install Termux. The Android smartphone may then be used as a full Linux development platform inside the device. 

You may be asking at this point why you would really want to program on the Android smartphone's touchscreen. The Android tablets with keyboard as well as Chromebooks that support Android apps should also be considered at this point. With the aid of Termux, coding may be started immediately on such devices. These gadgets are quite reasonably priced and are available for purchase. All you have to do is purchase one of each and use Termux to continue developing Linux. Termux has thus gained a lot of popularity among the Linux community. 

Termux Download

Termux APK 0.119.1

Termux APK 0.118.0

How to install Termux 

Termux is available right on Google Play store. You can download it from the Google Play Store or follow these steps to install on your mobile device.

  1. First, you should download Termux APK file. 
  2. Next, you need to go to Settings on your Android device, move to security settings, and then allow apps to be installed from Unknown Sources. 
  3. Open Termux APK file.  
  4. Follow the steps of installation. 
  5. Now you have Termux emulator on your device, and you can start using it.  

Features of Termux 

The exceptional features that come with Termux have greatly boosted its appeal. Here is a list of the functionality offered by this Linux terminal for Android. 

It is highly secure

With Termux and the SSH clients, you may safely connect to distant servers. This is due to the fact that Termux gives you access to the Open SSH. Additionally, Termux would include common packages with very realistic terminal emulation. You will have access to this as an open-source solution. As a result, you may keep using it with confidence.

You can easily customize Termux according to your needs

You have access to a variety of robust customization options with Termux as well. For instance, the APT Debian system will enable you to install whatever you want. For Linux, this is well-known for Ubuntu & Debian GNU. Similarly, you may consider setting up GIT so you can sync every dotfile.

Termux comes with a lot of features

Even though Termux Linux terminal is operating on Android, users can still take use of a lot of fantastic features. You may choose between Xash, Vim, Bash, Nano or Emacs, for instance. Additionally, you will have access to Grep via your SMS mailbox. Curl may even be used to visit various API endpoints. R-Sync may also be used to keep backups on a remote computer and inside the contact list. 

Termux is easy to use 

Although Termux gives you access to a lot of options, getting around them won't be difficult. That's because Termux is made to make exploring simple for you. For instance, the packages that are available on Termux are also available on Linux and Mac. Installing all the major packages on the mobile device will allow you to read them all in one sitting. You may try with other people in the interim.

Termux is versatile

You get Termux as a handheld calculator. It gives you the most recent versions of Node.js, Ruby, Python, and Perl. As a result, when utilizing it, you won't ever forget to do everything that people need for programming.

Termux is highly compatible

As soon as you begin utilizing Termux, scaling it up won't be a problem either. For instance, you might easily start writing code after connecting a Bluetooth keyboard. Similar to that, those who believe the screen is too tiny to code could consider connecting to an external monitor. Every keyboard shortcut is fully supported by Termux. Additionally, it supports the mouse as well. So, using Termux, you can code without really using a computer.

Termux FAQ 

Can I start using Termux to program on Android?

Yes, if you are a programmer, and if you are interested in programming in Android, you may start using Termux without keeping a doubt in mind. It offers a similar experience to programming on your desktop computer or mobile computer. Termux provides support to a large number of programming languages as well. As a result, Termux is quite popular among people who like to program on the go.

Why is Termux so popular?

Among programming emulators available for Android, Termux is quite popular. The amazing features that come along with Termux are the main reasons behind its popularity. For example, Termux allows you to write code quickly. You can easily customize Termux according to your needs. For example, it offers two different font families. By using Termux, you can also open multiple folders and files at once.  

Can I start using Termux right away?

There are some basic configurations that you will need to do before you can start using Termux. For example, you will need to grant storage permissions to Termux. Then you will need to proceed with upgrading the existing packages available. Now you can get the additional packages you want. All commands available to follow these steps are on documentation. You just need to follow documentation and execute commands accordingly. Then you can start using Termux without any problem at all.