termux apk

Termux APK

APP Name: Termux
Latest version: 0.119.1
Released date: Aug 16, 2023
APK size: 107 MB
Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
License: Free

What is Termux?

Termux is a Linux environment and an Android terminal emulator. You will be able to install Termux on almost all Android devices. Then you will be able to use the Android device as a complete Linux development environment within the device. Now you must be wondering why you really want to code on the touchscreen of your Android device. This is where you need to take a look at the Chromebooks that enable Android applications and the Android tablets that come along with keyboards. You can simply start coding on such devices with the help of Termux. Such devices are available for your purchase at a very affordable price tag. You just need to buy one of them and proceed with Linux developments with the help of Termux. As a result, Termux has become quite popular among Linux community as well.

termux apk screenshot
termux apk screenshot
termux apk screenshot
termux apk screenshot

Features of Termux

The outstanding features that come along with Termux has contributed a lot towards its popularity. Here’s an overview of features available to you with this Linux terminal on Android.

Feature rich

Even though you are running Termux Linux terminal on Android, you can still have access to a large number of outstanding features. For example, you will be able to switch in between Xash and Nano, fish, Bash, Vim, or Emacs. On top of that, you will also be able to access Grep via the SMS inbox. You can even gain access to different API endpoints via curl. Likewise, you can use R-Sync in order to store backups within the contact list as well as on a remote server.


You can securely access remote servers with Termux via the SSH clients. That’s because Termux provides you with access to Open SSH. Moreover, Termux would combine the standard packages along with highly accurate terminal emulation. This will be available to you in the form of an open source solution. Hence, you can continue to use it while keeping peace of mind.

Easy to explore

Even though Termux provides you with access to a large number of features, exploring them will not be a challenge. That’s because Termux is designed to make your life easy with exploring. For example, the packages that you can find on Termux are the same ones that you can find on Linux and Mac. You will be able to install all the main packages on your mobile device and continue to read them in a single session. In the meantime, you can experiment with others as well.

Easy to customize

Termux provides you with access to some rich customization options as well. For example, you will be able to install whatever you want with the help of the APT package management system. This is known for Ubuntu and Debian GNU of Linux. Likewise, you may think about installing GIT, so that you can sync all the dotfiles.

Easy to scale up

Once you start using Termux, you will be able to scale it up without a challenge as well. For example, you may connect a Bluetooth keyboard and then start writing code with ease. Likewise, people who feel that the display is too small to code may think about connecting it to an external display. Termux is providing full support to all the keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, it provides support for mouse as well. Therefore, you really don’t need a computer to do coding when you have Termux.

Comes with batteries

Termux comes to you as a pocket calculator. It provides you with up to date version of Ruby, Python, Perl, and even Node.js. Therefore, you will never miss out anything that you need for programming while you are using it.

How to install Termux APK?

  1. First go to the website https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.termux/ from your browser.
  2. Download the Termux APK by clicking on the “Download” button on the page. If this is not visible once you visit the page, scroll down to find it.
  3. When the downloading is complete, open the “Downloads” folder on your device.
  4. Now tap on the new Termux APK file viewed. You can simply install the app this way.
  5. Then go to your home screen and open Termux by tapping on the new icon.
  6. There will be a few bootstrap packages that you need to pass before you get to the proper welcome screen.
  7. Next you need to grant the storage permission to Termux. To do this, give the command termux-setup-storage.
  8. Then a dialog box will appear. Click on the “Allow” button on it.
  9. Finally you are ready to explore Termux. You can type in the commands and check for their results one by one.

Termux APK Download

Termux Commands List

Setting Up Storage: The termux-setup-storage command enables you to configure Termux’s storage system. This command is required to grant Termux access to the device’s storage in order to effectively conduct file operations.

To maintain an up-to-date Termux environment, you can utilize the apt upgrade command. This command updates installed packages to their most recent versions.

The apt update command is utilized to refresh the available packages within the Termux environment. Before installing or upgrading packages, executing this command ensures that you have the most recent package information.

Installing Packages: Termux’s pkg install command enables the installation of new packages. It retrieves and installs the specified package from the Termux repository.

If you no longer require a specific package, you can remove it from your Termux environment using the pkg remove command.

The pkg list command can be used to display a catalog of installed packages in Termux. It provides an overview of the presently installed packages on your device.

If you are searching for a particular package in the Termux repositories, you can use the pkg search command. This command allows you to locate programs that correspond to your search query.

The uname -a command in Termux displays comprehensive system information. It provides vital information including the kernel version, operating system, and device architecture.

The whoami command can be used to retrieve information about the current user in Termux. It displays the current session’s username.

Termux’s command history allows you to view a catalog of previously entered commands. It offers a convenient method for recalling and reusing commands without having to retype them.

Use the clear command in Termux to clean the terminal screen. It clears the terminal of all preceding output, providing a clean working environment.

In Termux, the pwd command is used to print the current working directory. It displays the absolute directory path of the current working directory.

The ls command can be used to display the directories and files within a specific directory. It provides a comprehensive overview of the directory’s contents.

In Termux, the mv command is used to rename files and folders. It can also be used to transfer files between directories.

The cp command can be used to transfer files from one directory to another in Termux. It duplicates and positions the specified files in the specified location.

In Termux, the rm command is used to delete files and folders. It deletes the specified files or directories permanently from the file system.

Termux’s touch command can be utilized to create a new file. It creates a file with the specified name that is empty.

The mkdir command allows you to create new directories in Termux. It enables you to create separate directories to organize your files.

Should you get Termux?

If you are interested in exploring what it is like to develop your code on the mobile device, you may go ahead and start using Termux. This is a complete Linux programming environment that you can easily access on your mobile device. It provides you with a complete solution, and you will not have to worry about anything else. By using Termux, you can develop on the go and manage all projects with ease. Termux can even provide much-needed assistance when you are stuck with a bug in the code and need to debug it.

What is Termux Float?

Termux Float is an add-on that can be used with the Termux APK. With Termux Float you can use Termux while other applications are opened on the device as well. It simply makes Termux a floating terminal.

This helps you perform more than one task at a given time. You also need not to quit one app and open Termux when you have Termux Float. It also gives you the option of adjusting the app screen size. This resized screen can then be moved to a preferred location of your screen. Furthermore, Termux Float allows you to use keyboard shortcuts, which cannot be done in the original Termux app. This makes it easier to use the App.

In summary, Termux Float add-on makes Termux more user-friendly and customizable. You will find it easier to use with the floating feature and the keyboard shortcuts. If you are a regular user of Termux, having Termux Float installed can be highly recommended.

Safety and Legality of Termux APK

Termux is totally safe to download and install to your device. However, you should use this app only if you have the knowledge about programming. Otherwise, the commands you enter might cause unexpected changes to your device.

Apart from this, there are no threats of malware attacks or privacy issues related to the app. The personal data and access to your files are completely safe. The data is not shared to a third party in Termux.

Termux is also legal. It is available throughout the world and it has its own privacy policies. The users are generally the program developers. And they are even allowed to try hacking methods through Termux APK.

Pros and Cons of Termux APK

Pros Cons
Gives you the opportunity to use and operate Linux on your Android device. The users must have proper knowledge about programming to use Termux. The App is not meant for just anyone. If misused, your device could be in trouble.
The app is free of charge to both download and use. No hidden charges or paid versions. The threat of virus and other malware attacks is active in using Termux.
The app does not require to be rooted to the device. The flexibility of installing and uninstalling is all yours.
Termux is user-friendly compared to the other similar applications.
You can install add-ons and improve the experience.

Termux app FAQ

Q: Is Termux safe to use?

A: The App is totally safe to use. However, the user must know what he/she is doing. Otherwise, the commands you give could put your device in trouble.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for Termux?

A: The device should have Android 7.0 version at least with 500MB storage.

Q: Can we install Termux on an external storage?

A: No. This cannot be done. The app needs to be installed to your device memory. However, you can use the app without rooting it to the device.

Q: How can Termux be used?

A: You can use Termux for functions like programming, scripting, application developing, synchronizing, file transfer, device automation etc. You can try all of these in the Linux environment provided.

Q: How to run commands in Termux?

A: The Termux commands will have to be typed manually and run manually. This helps you figure out any mistakes before it causes harm to your device.

Q: How can I update Termux?

A: The updates of the app will have to be done manually. You can check the website for a new updated version and install it in the usual procedure.

Final Words

Termux APK gives you a good experience in Linux programming. The better thing is that you can try the new commands you learn just from your mobile. This has improved from the original need of a laptop or computer to work with Linux.

If you are a programmer or a student of the same, having Termux on your nearest Android device is a wise thing to do. The app is safe and legal and shall be of no risk to have it. Besides, you can easily access it to test your work and learning.

You can improve the Termux experience with the use of the add-ons available. The app is easy to use and is very useful for the professionals. Therefore, if you are a programmer or willing to be one, Termux is an essential app to have with you all the time.