Intel is going to launch the 13th generation of processors with the name Raptor Lake. It might be launched earlier than we thought. The release date is said to be in October 2022. The rumors reveal that the frequency of the product is as high as 5.8GHz.


Intel might be launching the next-gen Sapphire Rapids server processors alongside Raptor Lake. There are some more gatherings from this latest round of leaks.


These new tantalizing Intel Raptor Lake details arrive from a reliable source: A Bilibili user who was earlier called an Enthusiast Citizen has now rebranded to “ECSM_Official.” This user has a proven track record when it comes to PC hardware leaks. But we have to wait until Intel itself confirms the information.

intel raptor lake

Intel’s HEDT and Sapphire Rapids

Both Intel’s HEDT and Sapphire Rapids are going to be launched in October. Intel’s HEDT is a growing family when it comes to data centers, servers, and other applications that are much less resource-consuming than regular day-to-day use. The Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 are going to be branded as Sapphire Rapids. Most of us will be more familiar with the Intel Raptor Lake-S CPUs.


It is said that Intel Raptor lake-S will have the dual DDR5 and DDR4 compatibility we know from Alder Lake. This may offer the new platform an edge over AMD because Ryzen 7000 processors will only support DDR5 memory. It is quite high in cost. But AMD will change this in the future. Both new 600-series chipsets and new 700-series chipsets will come to appear. We need to wait for Z790 in October.

Raptor Lake chips

The information that was found up to now designs a clear image of the Raptor Lake chips. The processor will keep the hybrid design of Alder Lake, and the efficiency cores will benefit from an increase in cache size. The core count will increase to 24 cores (eight P-cores and 16 E-cores).

The clock speeds on Intel Raptor Lake will go beyond the boundaries. Some will be expected to reach 5.8GHz on top-end chips. Further overlocking may increase the number of people who are on the market, but still there remains a lot to do. The TDP is supposed to stay the same. The total number of users is also believed to be at 68MB.

The expert lineup is expected to be categorized into a mainstream range and a premium/expert range. Both of them are supported by the new W790 chipset. Both the mainstream range can include 112 PCIe Gen 5 lanes, 56 cores, 112 threads, 8-channel DDR5 memory, and several other features. 64 PCIe Gen 5 lanes and 4-channel DDR5 memory are also the same.

Wccftech was the first to pinpoint the leak on Bilibili and reveal some additional details on Raptor Lake. It looks like AMD is also going to launch its next-generation Zen 4 processors around the same time. There will be a huge battle in the market.

To Sum Up

Raptor Lake is built on Intel 7 process node and performance hybrid architecture. It has up to double-digit performance boost, up to 24 cores and 32 threads. Raptor Lake has enhanced overclocking features, AIM.2Module, and is Socket-compatible with the Alder Lake system. We need to wait until Intel Raptor Lake arrives in October with up to 5.86GHz.