Warner Bros announced that its platform fighters Multiversus come back in November. It is really wonderful news for gamers as most of their nerdy dreams are going to be true. The Ultra-instinct Shaggy from all the memes is going to be real, a game similar to compete with the likes of Super Smash Bros, Rivals of Aether, and Brawalhalla is waiting to arrive. All the dreams of gamers around the internet will go to the next level with the Multiversus.

alpha multiversus code

Many players didn’t get access codes during the early game tests. The official Discord server and subreddit have been flooded with requests for players’ spare keys. The ones who got invitations to play the game organically got three extra access keys for inviting friends to play the cross-platform brawlers. 

The current closed alpha which is also named ‘code-begging’ has peaked to the point of the official Discord server shuttering communications. And also they ‘recalibrate a few things’. These ‘things’ are presumably remedies to the rampant scams from users who are trying to sell alpha Multiversus codes, being banned. They are also making alternate accounts to promote those banned accounts. 

Let’s check out the ways to get closed alpha Multiversus codes. So you can find ways to safeguard your funds and avoid scams.


How to sign up for Closed Alpha Code?

The luckiest method to get a code is from Warner Bros Games. You need to follow these steps to receive a code.

Go to MultiVersus official site

Tap or click on the ‘Çlosed Alpha Sign Up’ button. You need to give your date of Birth. After entering the information, you need to click the ‘Closed Alpha Sign Up’ Button again.

Then sign into the desired WB Games account or create an account using the ‘Create a Free WB Games Account’ option.

After completing the sign-up process or creation of the WB Games account, the final prompt will appear MultiVersus Closed Alpha, tap or click on ‘Accept and Continue'. After completion, a confirmation prompt will appear.


Finally, you need to wait until WB Games send an email with a code to the MultiVersus Closed Alpha.


The official discord

It is not sure whether things will remain the same after the Discord is fully back. But a code-sharing channel was available for players to share their spare alpha multiversus codes with other users previously on the server. At the beginning of the current alpha, the channel was overloaded with users. There were many users who are new to the server and begging for codes. The things get worse as new users were joining the server and hopping into #code-sharing to clog it.


It is not easy to get a code from the official discord. And also it won’t be quick. Don’t send a Discord user money for a Multiversus code. The users who create rampant scams will request money to send codes but you will never get the code.


You must watch the messages very intently to get a Multiversus code from the Discord server. When someone says that “I have codes” or ‘DM me first come first server for codes’, click on their profile picture and send a quick message asking whether they really have codes and ask if can I have one. This method will help you to get a code with the luck. But most of the messages won’t even get a reply. As we stated earlier, don’t send anyone on Discord money. It will end up losing money and not getting codes.


The subreddits

Getting closed multiversus codes from Subreddits is quite similar to getting them from the official Discord. You need to find a user who gives away Multiversus codes. Then send them a message asking for a code. You may get a response.


You can sort posts by ‘new’ and refresh the page often. Don’t spend money on scams to codes.



Kinguin is a famous game key marketplace. Anyone can post a listing for a game key on the site which is similar to eBay. The sellers have ratings to understand how they handle transactions. So the buyer can understand the status of the seller. Search for the game to get an alpha Multiversus code from Kinguin. Then choose the platform and proceed with the transaction just like what you do on other sites.


We recommend using PayPal to buy keys on this site and also in other marketplaces. When you select a good seller, the transaction will go smoothly.


There are big chances to be cheated by a scammer. Once you don’t receive the key after doing the payment, you can request a refund from PayPal. When they verify that you didn’t receive what you bought, you will get the money back.


How to redeem the Multjversus code?

Alpha Multiversus codes will come in the form of a link to WBGames.com or in the form of PlayStation, Xbox code, or Steam to be redeemed on their respective storefronts.


You need to sign in or sign up for a WBGames account to redeem the code via the link. Then select the preferred platform and the key will be given to you.

Playing with friends in MultiVersus

Once you successfully download MultiVersus, you can start some 2v2 actions. The characters have a move that is beneficial for the teammate in one way or another. As an example, Wonder Woman can make a shield around their ally, protecting the group from damage for a limited team. The characters have a specific trick. But the closed Alpha only offers 15 characters. You will receive more once the full game is released.

To sum Up

Only a few selected invitees will get the chance to have access to Multiversus. But after the full release, the title will be free to play. Until that, you can use the discussed ways to receive a code. But be careful not to spend money on scams. Fan-favorite characters like Harley Quinn, Steven Universe, and Finn from Adventure Time are on the starting roster. More characters are planned to come in future releases.