The demand for android phones is rising like never before. To the growing needs, android phone manufacturers are producing more powerful processors with larger screens. Are you someone who is struggling to save your android smartphone's battery?

In this blog post, we will be going through 15 ways to save your battery life on android smartphones in 2022. Make sure to read the blog post until the end, so you don't miss anything useful.

android battery life

Factors affecting the battery life of android devices

Let's start by discussing the factors that affect the battery life of android devices. As we know it's not just one factor that affects the battery life of android devices. Having fast processors, brighter screens, a high-speed internet connection, and a lot of background software, all these factors contribute to the drainage of android batteries. 

But who knows? Factors like viruses, duplicate batteries, and old batteries can also cause immense battery drainage. 

15 ways to save android battery life

As now we have a basic idea of the factors which contribute to draining android batteries, let's now dig deep and go through 15 ways that you can try to save your android battery in 2022. You don't have to follow all the steps, but it's better to know these as you can try them to maximize the battery life of your android.

1. Turn your Power Saving Mode on

The Power Saving Mode of android devices is a very useful feature, which you can use. If you are running out of your battery and want it to last longer, this is one of the best methods you can follow.

The power-saving mode cuts all the back-on functions that eat up your battery power, thus making your device run smoothly for a long period. You even can choose between the most essential apps in this mode.

To turn on the power saving mode go to Settings. Click on Battery and device care > Battery. Once you are here, you will be able to see the option "Power Saving". Now just turn it on to make your device run in power-saving mode.

2. Using the Airplane Mode

Moving on, airplane mode can also be a battery saver on many occasions. Now if you don't want to use the Power save mode, because it limits a lot of functions, you can try using Airplane Mode.

As this turns off receiving and sending wireless signals, your device won't need that power to drain your battery. It's better to use Airplane mode whenever you don't need to use your network data.

To switch it on: Pull up your notification bar and turn on Airplane mode. You can also turn it on by going to Settings > Connections > Flight Mode.

Make sure to turn it off when it's not necessary because you won't have the ability to browse the internet or take calls when you are in this mode.

3. Your brightness is too high

Yes, even I used to like to have a 100% brightness in the old days. However after I found that using too much bright screen causes more battery drainage, I practiced using the device without much brightness.

Trust me, maybe you will find it hard to switch to low brightness at the beginning, but it's gonna help you conserve your battery power. 

To adjust the brightness level of your screen: just pull down the notification bar, and you will find a line that represents the current brightness of your screen. Just adjust it to a brightness that you are comfortable with.

4. Using a black wallpaper

Many smartphones use AMOLED screens,

A lot of smartphones in the markets use AMOLED screens. As these AMOLED screens illuminate color pixels, black pixels are not being used. So, when you have more black pixels on your screen, less battery power is required to light the screen up.


Therefore it’s better to use a black screen if you really want to save your battery.

5. Find out the battery suckers of your android

Finding the most responsible apps for your battery drainage is quite easy.

Just go to Settings and click on Battery.

Here you will an option called battery usage. Click it and you will find all the information about the battery drained by each app. If an app you don’t use much consumes a high amount of battery usage, just uninstall it from there. 

And it's also better to just remove the other apps which you don’t use too. 

6. Live wallpapers and widgets on your home screen drain your battery

Lots of people use widgets to ease up their work. However, using widgets on the home screen makes an adverse effect on battery life. Some widgets use more RAM, making background processes run without your knowledge.

Don’t use these widgets unless they are extremely important to you. So consider removing them from your android.

And speaking about live wallpapers, yes, they do make your smartphone look cool, but on the other way, they also use a high amount of battery because they have to keep the screen active causing battery loss. This is why you should consider having a normal wallpaper to save more battery. 

7. Turn off vibrate

Unless you are someone who relies on vibrate, just switch it off. Larger battery power is used to generate vibration alerts coming from calls than it requires to ring it.

8. Turn off your mobile data when it’s not needed

You don't have to keep your mobile data switched on 24/7. Being connected to the internet will use more data causing more battery loss. So just make sure to turn it on when you need it, and simply just turn mobile data off when you don't need it.

9. Use the lite version of android apps

You may already know that most of the popular apps on the play store come with a lite version. Using the lite version can also help you to save your battery as consuming a lot less power than native apps.

10. Turn off automatic app updates

Turning off automatic app updates is another great way of extending your android device's battery life. Turning off automatic updates will reduce the volume of activity in your phone's background, causing a reduction in power consumption.

11. Always keep your android at a moderate temperature

Yes, the temperate of your android also directly affects the battery life of your device.

So make sure to maintain your device at a moderate temperature. (Not too hot, not too cold)

12. Turning off google assistant

Google Assistant is a highly advanced feature that is available on both phones and tablets. While it’s a really helpful feature, it also drains and uses a higher battery percentage. So it's better to keep it switched off when it's not needed.

To switch opp, go to Settings > Apps > Google > Permissions.

Now just click on each permission and deny them.

13. Change your screen timeout

The screen timeout is the time when your android stays active after you take off your hand on your device. The longer it stays active, the more power it consumes, so it's better to make it between 1 minute to 30 minutes. And DO NOT keep your screen timeout any. Because this will eat your battery up.

14. Make sure to use genuine and original batteries

In case your battery got damaged, just make sure to only buy original batteries from your android manufacturer.

Trying to save some money and buying a low-quality battery will make you suffer more than spending a little bit higher price to buy a genuine battery. This way you will have the ability to maintain a long-lasting and high-performing battery.

15. Use Greenify

And finally, Greenify is a third-party app that claims to save your battery on android devices. As it's trusted by people all around the world, you can use it to maximize the battery life of your android. It comes with several options like saving your battery by hibernating some apps and stopping unwanted background processes etc. So if you really need an app that will help you to save up your battery, consider installing Greenify.


In this blog post, we have discussed 15 methods you can use to save the battery of your android device. What do you think of these methods? Do you know any secret methods to save up more battery? Let us know your answers in the comments down below.