PDF or portable document Format is a file format, which could be adapted to many different functions or activities. It was created by Adobe which is an American software company. Officially, Adobe is known for its multimedia and creativity software products. It is easy to present documents through PDF. This is a reliable way for people to exchange documents. It is easy to give documents through PDF. PDF documents could be viewed by anyone. Even though they might use different software or hardware. They might be even using different operating systems. For example, Mac or Windows. Using PDF files is a safe way to share private messages through the web, say experts. PDF could be viewed by anyone regardless of the software, hardware, or operating systems they are using. PDF plays a vital role in document protection criteria.

how to edit pdf on mac

So PDF files are used for several reasons. Anyone on any device can read PDF files. With the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF files can be viewed for free. Without losing the original quality, a PDF file could be made; PDF files could be created from Microsoft office tools such as Word documents and Spread Sheets. It also could be made from images, photographs, and graphs. Content from PDF files could be searched quickly. The PDF files have a user-friendly and easy viewability for the user. Some other features of a PDF file are that its mobility and interactivity make its connectivity easier. PDF files are visually appealing, securable, and password protected. Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is an important safety tool in safeguarding documents. PDF also has a feature of Document Analytics where necessary to enhance safety measures.

A Preface to Mac

“A Mac” refers to a computer that runs on any Mac OS. Apple desktops and laptops have Mac OS and a computer operating system. Every Mac is powered by the proprietary graphical operating system of Mac OS. The performance of Mac OS is quick. It is also responsive. These are because Mac OS is designed explicitly for its hardware. A new Mac OS is released by Apple almost annually. Mac OS 1 to Mac OS 9 is previous versions. OS X is version 10 of the Apple Mac operating system. Mac OS 12 Monterey is the 18th major release of Mac OS.

Mac lets you do things that can’t be done by other computers quickly. Because of Mac’sspeciall design for hardware, it is specific. MacBook, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, I Mac, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro are devices supported by Mac OS. The MacBook was introduced in 2006, by Apple. It belongs to its 3 rd category of computers. Before that, Power Book and iBook were in use.

The MacBook Pro series has a large screen and high-speed processors. MacBook Pro uses Intel CPUs. It was the first to use it. The MacBook Air was introduced as an alternative to the MacBook, which is inexpensive and light weighed. Mac Mini, as its name suggests is small in size. It is a small form factor computer. i Mac is popular for its all-in-one feature. It is lauded for its sleek, compact, and user-friendly design.

How to edit a PDF on Mac

Sometimes it is a tedious task to edit a PDF document. By design PDFs are un-editable. However, often necessity arises to make alterations in PDFs. For example, changing the logo from a PDF document and adding more text on a user’s document. The reasons may vary, but you need to go to a PDF app to make changes. You can install a PDF editor to make changes in PDFs on Mac. If you want to edit a text in your document, you can edit it on Mac using PDF expert. And, changes can be made in a document or typos can be fixed with a PDF expert. 

Follow these steps to edit text:

  1. Click on the edit toolbar by opening editing mode.
  2. There you will find the ‘Text Button’, click on it.
  3. Next, choose the text to edit. 
  4. Click on the blank space to save the changes. 

PDF expert makes it easy to add images or change the images in your documents. Sometimes, the necessity arises for a company to change its logo. On Mac, you can even change the logo through PDF expert. You also can insert, or edit more images and graphs through this tool. 

Following are the steps to alter or edit an image in a PDF on Mac:

  1. Click ‘Edit’ in the top toolbar by opening editing mode.
  2. You have to then click on the image button.
  3. You can make changes to images by moving them to the desired places.
  4. You can rotate images to specific positions.
  5. There is an option where you may even delete the image altogether.

Some more features which can be edited on Mac

Through PDF experts, you can edit hyperlinks and redact a document. Hyperlinks could be easily added to a PDFard manner through PDF experts. That is if you want to link any text parts to a different page or a website. Image hyperlinks also can be edited. Initially, Open the Edit tab on the toolbar. There you can see the Link button; click on it. Then select the text which should be linked. Then you can choose the link destination to the desired page or the web.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to permanently delete or clear sensitive information on your PDF. PDF reduction tool for those purposes. Especially when dealing with legal contracts. To redact your document, in the Edit mode, click on the Redact button. Select the portion of text you want to cleanse. Also, data across the entire document could be redacted. It is an excellent time-saving option. There is a search icon on the right sidebar. Click on it. Next, type the word you want to hide across the entire document. Then the whole record could be erased.

Edit Table Of Content

Editing a table of content, Merging files, and deleting pages on a PDF document could be done on Mac through a PDF expert. A table of content makes it easier to navigate quickly through a book or a report. If not for a table of content, sometimes endless scrolling may be needed to reach the desired point. This is how to create an outline in PDFs; First, open your document in PDF Expert. Initially, a few words that should link to this should be selected. Then, outline by clicking ‘Outline Item’. 

You also can rename the summary or table of contents. You can also merge files if you want to create a single PDF from multiple sources. Two or more PDFs could be combined on your Mac. Pages could be deleted regardless of their total count on Mac through PDF Expert. There is a Thumbnail icon’ on the toolbar. Pages can be deleted through the ‘Delete Button on the toolbar. PDF expert is the most efficient PDF editor for Mac. It can help you with any PDF task in editing. You can also sign, merge and protect passwords of PDFs.

How to edit a PDF on Mac for free?

You can make simple changes or alterations on a PDF file using the free app which comes with Mac OS X. You have to double click on any PDF file in Mac OS X. It will open in an application called ‘Preview’. In Preview, a hidden ‘Annotations Toolbar’ is there. It will allow you to edit the PDF file. You can’t make significant alterations, but you can make minor changes. For example, you can add your text and graphics. Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat Professional also can be used to edit a PDF on Mac. But they are expensive. So, editing a PDF on Mac through the ‘Preview’ built-in app of Mac OS X is worthwhile.